In August 2008, in a small nightclub, PORTEÑA TANGO TRÍO was born in a natural and almost improvised way, due to the meeting between two Argentine musicians strolling through Europe. The guitarist Alejandro Picciano and the pianist Federico Peuvrel gradually consolidated a solid tango trio that, from that small nocturnal bar, now disappeared, called "La Cueva del Bolero" was projected in the last 10 years to the great theaters and auditoriums of 20 countries in four continents converting that small casual meeting, into a great Argentine dance and music show away from clichés, with a current and close sound that surprises an audience with which it interacts, being today the company of Tango Argentino with training stable with the largest audience in Europe, reaching more than 600 performances with their different shows and recording all their albums and DVDs under the label Melopea Discos with the production of an icon of Argentine music, the Grand Litto Nebbia.


After a long journey through the usual circuit of tango and jazz clubs, at the beginning of 2011, they created the show "Un Placer!" With which they toured theaters throughout Spain and Portugal, filling in February 2012 the legendary Calderón Theater in Madrid in which they record a live recorded album that becomes the kickoff of their great international tours.


The following year they give shape to "Perfume de Tango", which included a great body of dance and singer, they make their first tour through big theaters of Russia and Eastern Europe and also fulfill the dream of returning to their native Argentina to make representations in theaters across the country exceeding 90 performances in a year in different countries.


Towards the end of 2013, Matías Picciano, a young and virtuous of only 18 years old, joined the trio with whom they recorded the following year in Argentina the CD "Buenos Aires ... When I Far away I Saw", which they presented at the Teatro Gran Vía, with the milestone of performing 9 functions and repositioning the Argentine Tango after decades again in the great theaters of the Gran vía Madrileña and incorporating new countries to its extensive list as, Israel, Ireland, Switzerland, Slovenia and a great summer tour by audiences in the Czech Republic, a prolific stage that ends with a DVD entitled "Cádiz" recorded in the beautiful courtyard of Santa Catalina Castle in that city.


In 2015 Litto Nebbia and Alejandro Picciano have the idea of ​​paying homage to his admired Héctor "Chupita" Stamponi, a great composer and pianist of the golden decade of Tango, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth to be fulfilled in 2016.


In the middle of the recording of the album a change of singer takes place and it is gotten up to the group Eugenia Giordano that with its greater registry and volume of voice gives a new flight and color expanding the possibilities of the group.


They release their album and show with the same name "Que me van a hablar de amor!" Which becomes the biggest success of the group's career.


The album is presented in Argentina in the fabulous CCK Auditorium of the city of Buenos Aires with sold-out tickets and then it is represented in large Theaters of Europe together with the dance and choreography of two young and multi-award-winning dancers, reaching the almost 150 representations in the last two years.


"Today we are celebrating and there is much to celebrate, 10 years holding a dream does not happen every day, we celebrate the many trips, the concerts and the albums we did together, the friends that gave us the way, the people who shared this project and stage with us at some time contributing its bit.


And since we are celebrating we will review the best moments of our career with LA PORTEÑA and the story of our beloved Tango "


Musicians & Dance couple:


ALEJANDRO PICCIANO, Guitar and Direction