The Argentinian Tango Show with the highest audience in Europe
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Alma de Bohemio

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La Porteña Tango, with 13 years of experience and more than 700 concerts performed on stages in 20 countries on four continents, (ARGENTINA, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, RUSSIA, UKRANE, FRANCE, ITALY, BELARUS, SLOVENIA , ESTONIA ,ECUADOR , CZECH REP, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, NORWAY, CRIMEA, U.K. IRELAND, ISRAEL, MOROCCO), dresses up to present a new show "Alma de Bohemio"

La Porteña proposes a modern and renewed show where music, dance and stories are intertwined that range from the deepest emotions, to mischief and humor.

Remembering that the Argentine Tango is a popular music and close to the public of all ages, away from the clichés and common places. A show that invites us to walk along a long and winding path that runs through the history of a music that was humbly born in the suburbs and ports of the Río de La Plata and transcended the world by its own power almost without even trying. The members of La Porteña never forgot those fundamental precepts and in their presentations the old classics of the genre coexist with the most modern sounds, the impudence, the new harmonies and the avant-garde of the compositions of the genius Astor Piazzolla, to whom they dedicate a part of their new show especially, due to the centenary of his birth.

La Porteña Tango has 5 albums released with the mythical Melopea label of Argentina, with the production of Maestro Litto Nebbia and has presented with great repercussion his music and dance shows "Un Placer!" "Perfume de Tango" "Buenos Aires... Cuando lejos me vi” “Que me van a hablar de amor” and "10 Años” in many of the most famous theaters and World Music festivals in the world, making more than 80 presentations per year and making them the group with the highest audience in Europe today.

The group, led by the guitarist Alejandro Picciano, together with the pianist Federico Peuvrel and the young revelation bandoneonist Matías Picciano, incorporates in June 2019, the exquisite and powerful voice of Melisa Fernández. Together they amaze the traditional viewer of tango and seduce new stakeholders who approach the genre due to its freshness and proximity.

The poetics of Buenos Aires, the tangos, waltzes, milongas, candombes and old country tangos are adorned with this dance so Argentine that it captivates the whole world and beautiful choreographies created by a stable dance corps with luxurious costumes and colorful audiovisuals, generating a unique and attractive staging.

Argentina | Spain | Portugal | Russia | France | Ecuador | Norway | Israel | Ukraine | Slovenia | Italy | Switzerland | Czech Republic | Crimea | England | Ireland | Germany | Estonia | Belarus | Morocco