Matías Picciano


From a family of musicians, the young and talented bandoneonist Matías Picciano born in Buenos Aires, is linked from childhood to the Argentine Tango and to love for this genre.


As soon as he was 18 years old, he settled in Spain, and with only 21 years old he has already performed in large and important venues in Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Russia, Crimea, Czech Republic and France.


He studied Bandoneón at the Argentinian Conservatory Manuel La Falla with the Master Rodolfo Daluisio, and then with great masters such as Miguel Frasca, as well as studying harmony and composition with the Master Gustavo Gregorio.


He has also studied and played several instruments in which he has ventured since very young, such as piano, guitar and electric bass, which has allowed him to move comfortably with professional musicians in relevant scenarios from a very early age.


Since his incorporation with 18 years old to LA PORTEÑA TANGO TRÍO in September of 2013, he has participated in more than 300 concerts with the group, and he recorded in the Melopea Studios - under the production of the renowned musician Litto Nebbia - the albums “Buenos Aires… Cuando lejos me vi” and "QUÉ ME VAN A HABLAR DE AMOR!” (100 years of Hector Stamponi), and for the same label the DVD "CÁDIZ" live recorded at the nights of the Castle of Santa Catalina (Cádiz, Spain).