The Argentine pianist and composer Federico Peuvrel has toured the stages of Buenos Aires and the world playing various musical genres.


In 2003, he founded the group Cinco Pa'l Peso, a project with which in 2004 he released the album "Primera Vuelta" with the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires. With this formation in 2005, during a tour of France and Italy, he decided to settle in the Italian city of Vicenza, where at the end of 2007 and with the participation of Italian musicians, they recorded their second album "Tango Payo".


In the middle of 2008 he settled down in the city of Madrid, where he rearmed his quartet with local musicians, and in parallel he works with Alejandro Picciano, with whom he shared the cycle "Noches de Tango en Madrid", and both of them began to create the project than would then be La Porteña Tango Trío, up to this day.


Already with La Porteña Tango Trío, he participates as a pianist in all his albums: "Un Placer!" (2012), "Buenos Aires... Cuando lejos me vi", in addition to the DVD "CÁDIZ" and the new work dedicated to the work of Héctor Stamponi with La Porteña Tango Trío, and the voice of his new singer Eugenia Giordano.


From his roots in Spain, parallel to his work as a pianist of La Porteña, he is summoned by different musicians and groups with whom he records several albums and is presented in important European venues as prestigious as Venetto Jazz, in the city of Venice (Italy).

Federico Peuvrel